Saturday, March 17, 2007

request for male on male torture artwork

HiI am a guy who really like the style of your artwork
I miss some male on male subject matter
Yes, I'm gay, but so is a lot of menthis doesn't change the fact that we are both interested in the same subject matter
where you guys get off watching a big sadistic muscular prison guard penetrating a young girl..
we both know, that in real life, he has to torture 10-20 young men, before being allowed to participate in the much rarer torture session of a girl
I believe that he enjoys the torture of men as well. Not as much as the girls, and he certainly doesn't rape the men, but he enjoys hurting and humiliating another man!
I would pay good money to a couple of muscular turkish police officers torturing one of their own,suspected of betraying the brotherhood.
Testicle tortureCock tortureAnal torture
Methods:Suspension: The victim is stripped naked and bound, tied and strapped in such a way that the areas mentioned are exposed to humiliate him and allow the torturer free access.
Electrical: The wires from the electric shock machine is attached to the mentioned areas.It is well known among torturers that this torture was the first invented, that made it possibleto torture the very sensitive penis head of the human male, even without leaving any scars.
Penetration:The anus of the victim is penetrated by poles, sticks and other penis substitues. Rape is possible, but rare and will not be expected
Crushing:Special attention is payed to the strapped victims testicles. Crushing a man's balls is common,and has been used since ancient times. Now a days, the torturer will wear gloves, but this torture is rarely missed, the power-trip of cruching another man's balls with your fist is the greatest!Special tools, such as vices can be used, or the balls may be kicked or beaten with batons.
Queer-methods?One of several of the above mentioned methods were used:South-Africa 1970 (beating the testicles of detainees was common, anal rape with batons)Iraq 2006 (sunni-rebels videotape the torture of a young shiite boy: electric torture to crotch)Turkey 1980 (criminals are stripped naked, suspended and tortured with electricity)Argentina 1970 (left-wing activist are suspended by the secret police, their testicles beaten)Chile 1970 (soldiers opposing the coup are tortured by their peers, mostly in a cruel sexual way)Bosnia 1990 (Serbian paramilitaries torture muslim men in the most horrible way, incl. castration)Europe middle ages (the dungeons included many devices, designed to hurt the male sex)
I hope you will respond to this request.Sincerely yoursA man

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