Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What is The Torture Fan site?

This blog is created to celebrate the dark art of Torture.

This site will not take sides on the morality of using Torture on humans.
Rather, I aim to write about how Torture works.

It is my firm conviction that Torture does work. Every repressive regime in history has
used Torture to control and punish it's enemies. They have all learned that the threat
of gruesome techniques of inflicting pain and humiliation works. It works both by
breaking the manhood of the actual enemies tortured, as well as scaring their buddies
and family into submission.

A common critique of Torture is that a suspect is willing to confess to any crime, as
long as the pressure asserted against him is severe enough. That is true. But, if you
examine the historical use of Torture, you will see that extracting confessions from
men, suspected of crime, is but a side effect of the Torture regime. Often the need
to extract confessions is used as an excuse to apply Torture to a criminal suspect.
The policemen doing the torturing, are already convinced of the suspects guilt,
perhaps not as a criminal, but as an enemy of the regime. The Torture serves to
break his resistance and above all to punish him. That he will confess to a number
of crimes, is but a convenient side effect, that helps to justify the use of Torture.

I will be writing about:
Torture past and present
Techniques of Torture
The Torturer

Also I have a keen interest in the way a Torture sessions rewards the Tortures
with sexual release and gratification.

Hope you will want to participate in exploring these subjects with me!

Torture Fan

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